Lipps Inc.'s "Funkytown" Is Still Real Funky

by Gary Pini

If you think the above is the original "Funkytown" you were probably born in the 70s.  The cover version by Australian new-wavers, Pseudo Echo, did become a pretty big hit in 1987 -- reaching #6 on the pop chart -- but the original had already gone to #1 seven years earlier.  The song was really a studio concoction, whipped-up in Minnesota by producer Steve Greeberg who played almost all of the instruments himself and got his friend Cynthia Johnson to do the vocals. He called the group Lipps Inc.  So that we don't get any hate mail, below you can find a video of the original song, but we don't have a clue who the maniacal, wide-eyed trio is.  Nice jumpsuits, no?

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