Lindsay Lohan, occasional actress and full-time something, has chiseled "refugee advocate" into the stone tablet of her ever-confusing resume, and is currently spearheading her latest endeavor to aid those suffering in the truly horrific and tragic Syrian refugee crisis: energy drinks.

Page Six reports that Lohan has laced her Parliament Light-charred pinky finger with German energy drink company Mintanine, to supply Syrian refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, and elsewhere, with the adrenaline-boosting beverage. Because what do thousands of traumatized people need more than a caffeine surge followed by mild anxiety?

A lot of things, but at least she's helping in her own Lilo way.

Here is the homepage graphic on Mintanine's website:

Blue tastes woohoo :)

Lindsay's drinkable philanthropy also has the added benefit of advertising for her nightclub, which apparently sold Mintanine in its inaugural opening this past Saturday; Lindsay and her business partner Dennis Papageorgiou dedicated the night to Greece's welcoming of Syrian refugees over the past few years.

Everybody wins!

Header photo via Matteo Prandoni/

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