Lindsay Lohan, who is fresh off singing the praises of the Turkish government in its support of Syrian refugees, is now the co-owner of a nightclub in Athens, Greece, opened by restauranteur, Dennis Papageorgiou. The club's name?

Lindsay will reportedly receive a large percentage of profits in the endeavor (Lohan nightclub is apparently set in an "abandoned factory"), and will be making appearances 2-3 times a month.



Sources say that Papageorgiou became close with Lindsay in the wake of her tumultuous split from Egor Tarabasov, whom Lindsay says abused her, relaying horrifying accounts of it to media.

Lohan first met Dennis during her 30th birthday trip to Mykonos, Greece, this summer, where truly disturbing video of Tarabasov physically reprimanding the actress on a beach surfaced. Lilo is referring to Dennis as the man who "saved her."

In prep for tomorrow's big event, Lindsay has been taking to Instagram to hype it up:

She also posted this:

And then I screamed into the amber Grecian sun.

For tomorrow's night, Lindsay Lohan A rep for Lohan Nightclub told Page Six:

Lindsay and Dennis are getting ready to welcome the Athenian enfant gâté, as well as Lindsay's Hollywood circle, at their new nightclub in downtown Athens.

Page Six also indicates that there will supposedly be "famous guests from Hollywood at the opening, although it was unclear exactly which ones." So, Dina Lohan and the guy she met in line at a Long Island 7-Eleven?

Please, please take care of yourself, Lindsay.

Header photo via Matteo Prandoni/

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