Lindsay Lohan's fever dream of an Instagram presence continued this morning, with this truly bizarre photo:

Evidently made with 'PICCOLLAGE,' Lohan informed us of an incident at Chanel's Brompton Road location in London (Lindsay's adopted hometown), where some not-so-subtle thieves smashed through the store's main display windows with a car.

"Say a prayer!" Lindsay instructed her loyal followers (and me!), before making a somewhat morbid joke that the suspects 'meant business.'

She then added a Star Wars element, for good measure....because why not.

May the force be with you, indeed, Lindsay.

Like, really. Please. God.

The actress has unfortunately made headlines again for a recent string of troubling situations, including a West Village bar fight, involving her younger sister, Aliana, and a disturbing, now-deleted-Instagram post that inferred that she is/was enduring domestic violence (Lohan was recently romantically linked to Italian businessman Mathia Milani).

Hang in there with...whatever is happening, boo; we're pulling for you.

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