How much do you love your favorite artist? Enough to spend hundreds of thousands immortalizing them in diamonds? If you answered yes, congratulations, you and Lil Uzi Vert have something in common.

The Atlanta rapper has spent $220k on an exact replica of Marilyn Manson's PAPER cover shoot cover shoot in 2015, made by go-to hip-hop jeweler Ben Baller. The 55 carat black and white diamond Manson pendant sits on a 100 carat VS diamond spiked bike chain choker.

Last year Uzi professed his love for Manson during an interview with Nardwuar.

"At age 27 I will leave this Earth for this man right here [Manson]," he said. "He's the pale Emperor."

Check the chain below and weep softly that this jeweled Manson could give you a full ride to medical school.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly reported the chain cost $100,000 dollars, it did in fact cost $220,000. We apologize for the error.

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