Lil Miquela Criticized For 'Sexual Assault' Vlog

Lil Miquela Criticized For 'Sexual Assault' Vlog

CGI influencer Lil Miquela is facing substantial online backlash thanks to a vlog in which she talks about her "experience" with being sexually assaulted in a rideshare.

Though it's unclear when exactly it was made, the vlog began making the rounds online yesterday after user @CORNYASSBITCH tweeted out the video alongside the caption, "I have so many questions..."

In the clip, Miquela begins by detailing a supposed scenario that's, unfortunately, an all-too-familiar experience for many women who use rideshare apps.

"Sure enough, I just feel this guy's cold, meaty hand touch my leg as if he was confirming I'm real. His hand literally lingers there rubbing my skin," she said of the "creepy ass man" she was supposedly sharing a Lyft with.

Miquela then went on to say that it felt like "he was threatening me," before saying that he pinched her and proceeded to make a gross, sexually-charged comment about "down there," which led to her getting out of the car in the middle of the 101 freeway.

That said, many were obviously critical of a fictional character co-opting very real stories, especially as critics felt like the storyline was created in a bid to make Miquela appear more "real" and "relatable."

"Idk how I feel about them creating this assault plotline to make her character more realistic," one person responded, while another wrote, "They've even studied YT videos enough to see what kind of editing is popular RN. They were like 'to make her more realistic, let's pretend she was sexually assaulted.'"

It even got to the point where Kehlani weighed in, writing, "@lilmiquela you're playing wit real stories... real trauma."

"Sexual assault is a scary real reality and at this point you're ignorantly offensive," Kehlani continued, before adding, "what type of sick shit is this."

Miquela and her team have yet to respond to the backlash.

Photo courtesy of Lil Miquela for PAPER