In this bleak, post 2016 world where fiasco after fiasco is steadily propelling us toward an inevitable apocalypse, you, me and Hillary Clinton are turning to simpler pleasures. You know, like getting drunk on a fine wine.

In her third commencement speech to Wellesley College today, her alma mater, Clinton assured the audience that despite things panning out in the horrific manner they did, she's been alright.

"You may have heard that things didn't go exactly as I planned, but you know what? I'm doing okay," she said. "I've gotten to spend time with my family, especially my amazing grandchildren."

"I won't lie," she continued, "chardonnay helped a little, too,"

Don't downplay it Hillz, wine has helped us all a whole lot in coping with the madness that has been the past six months. Nevertheless she, and us, are getting through it.

Watch her entire speech below.

[h/t Harper's Bazaar]
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