Lighten Up! "Reflecting the Stars" Opens at Pier 49

Now that that the Hudson has calmed down in our neck of the woods following Hurricane Irene, tonight might be a good night to stop by the opening of Jon Morris' "Reflecting the Stars" at Hudson River Park. Morris, creative director of collective the Windmill Factory, has placed 217 LED light "stars" atop the decaying posts popping out of the Hudson near Pier 49 to raise awareness about air light pollution in New York City (Indeed, local readers likely have "What are...'stars?'" think balloons over their heads right now.). Even neater, visitors on shore can press buttons to highlight constellation patters within in the lights that are otherwise obscured by the city's haze. The installation will be up starting today through October 25th, from sunset to midnight, as is tied to Climate Week NYC September 19th-26th. Here are some shots of "Reflecting the Stars" all lit up as well as photos of the installation process.

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