License to Pill: Courtney Love's Pill Bottle Sculpture

If you were flipping through the crates of vintage vinyl at the WFMU Record Fair last weekend, you may have stumbled upon a bizarre found art display made out of (allegedly) a massive collection of Courtney Love's discarded pill bottles. The grungy, pharmaceutical junk art sculpture is the work of artists Katie Heffelfinger and Jed Miner, who collectively call themselves "occupytheartworld." They showcased the work, titled "Core Samples," nestled in between vendors selling records at the annual WFMU fair. "I thought about the most responsible way to display the stuff," Heffelfinger says. "I thought WFMU would have an erudite group of music listeners who would give me feedback about it as an art piece without slogging it through the mud."

Heffelfinger and Miner claim to have found Love's pill bottles, along with her financial records, letters she wrote to various celebrities and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain and (Hey! Wait!) a heart-shaped box on a loading dock outside a storage unit facility in June. After trying to contact Love's agent and manager to return the items with no success, Heffelfinger and Miner decided to turn the pill bottle stash into art. "Since her people couldn't get back to me, I waited three months then decided to start displaying the work," she says.  

As for the future of the drug sculpture (which displays a whopping 57 pill bottles), Heffelfinger says she and Miner plan to display the work on the corner of 10th Avenue and 25th Street during Gallery Walks later this month, and at a show for the art collective ConArtist in February. "And if Richard Prince or Gagosian is interested, I'm here," adds Heffelfinger. And are these pill artists worried about incurring Love's wrath for flogging her personal items? "Some people are scared Courtney will come and physically attack us," Miner says. "We are prepared for that. Katie is a mud wrestling champion."  

Ed note: We've blurred out personal info as well as the doctor's name in the close-up image above.

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