Liars (Mute) There's always something a bit dubious about a band's decision to self-title an album a few discs into their career. It's as though that particular band has suddenly determined they are ready to define themselves despite the fact that they have been defining themselves all along. For Liars that time has come six years and three albums since the release of their debut, They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top. After much experimentation with noise and texture, most notably on 2004's critically abhorred They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, Liars have deemed that the layered, static-laden tracks on this, their fourth full-length record, are worthy of sharing their moniker. The group's interest in reworking the typical perception of music lingers as they offer unconventional songs with extended sections of buzzing sound and unintelligible vocals, most notably (and artfully) on "Leather Prowler." It's more grounded and accessible than They Were Wrong, dancing along the same evolutionary track as their last disc, Drum's Not Dead, but Liars are never really going to be ready for radio and they seem to prefer it that way. Whether this is the moment that defines Liars is debatable, but it's more than interesting to watch the band try to sum themselves up in 11 songs.

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