Levi's at Gagosian

I was hanging out with my new friends, those cute guys from the band The Hours from the UK. They came to town with their great pal Damien Hirst who was here for the big fashion extravaganza held at the Gagosian Gallery last night with Levi's. It was really fun. I went with my old friend Nick Graham who came in town to see his dear friend Damien as well. A fashion show as well as an exhibit were held at Gagosian's Chelsea gallery and the stuff was really great. I was drooling over these diamond (fake) encrusted skulls that Levi's had hanging from everything and, you know it, I ordered one for myself.

The best were the one of a kind spin art jeans that Levi's made after Hirst gave them original painted canvas to cut up and sew. The show was fun. The runway was polka-dotted Hirst style and the walls were covered in spin art skull paintings. I saw Vincent Gallo there who I hadn't seen for quite a while. He looked great and seemed really happy. The two cuties from the Hours (especially this cute guy named ANT!) it turns out are big PAPER fans so that was cool. They performed at the Prada store also this week at a party they threw for Damien there. (Hirst is a friend of Miuccia of course!)

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