[UPDATE 07/11/16, 12:45 p.m.: Christian Siriano posted a photo of the custom dress he made for Jones last night, and she looks amazing]

For some strange reasons Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones couldn't find a designer willing to dress her for the red carpet premiere of her own film. Which is weird seeing as how she's one of the biggest draws to the already highly-anticipated film and, to be honest, major houses should be scrambling for the photo opps. But, I guess drawing pimples on classically "hot" people is a higher priority than staying relevant to actual culture these days.

In any case, Jones decided to take her dilemma to Twitter -- and simultaneously remind everyone that she's about to blow the fuck up.

A fact that designer Christian Siriano obviously realized...

...as well as a few other emerging "designers."

Which kind of restores our faith in fashion marketing. But, keep in mind guys, you missed out.

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