UPDATE: Some justice could, thankfully be served:

TMZ says the FBI is apparently investigating the dreadful iCloud hack Leslie Jones endured yesterday, where venomous online trolls posted racist images on her website, personal info--lncluding images of her passport and driver's license, and nude photos onto her website.

According to TMZ:

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the FBI is developing a strategy for tracking down the person or people who hacked into her iCloud and cell phone and posted nude photos and personal information on her website. It's unclear whether agents from the West Coast or East Coast will launch the investigation.

Meanwhile, celebrities across the board have taken to Twitter to voice their horror and solidarity with the actress over this act of terrorism.

Jones' Ghostbusters director Paul Feig commented:

Katy Perry...


Lena Dunham...

Writer/actress Nia Vardalos offered a perfect summary of these subterranean trolls:

Her SNL costars and writers came to her defense, too:

The ceaseless, churning garbage cyclone that is the internet continues to demonstrate why it's not safe to be a woman, a person of color, and even more so, a woman of color.

Leslie Jones, national treasure, and star of SNL and Ghostbusters, who faced a barrage of racist and sexist trolling on Twitter last month, once again, has been the target of hate--this time, the actress/comedian's personal Tumblr account had been hacked by one or more trolls.

The monster(s) posted horrifying, racist imagery, including photos of Harambe--the gorilla shot by the Cleveland Zoo in May--personal information, like images of her passport and driver's license, and most vile of all, nude photos from Jones' iCloud.

The site was taken down this morning, and Jones nor her team has made any comments on the matter.

The stream of harassment Leslie received, ranging from Ghostbuster "purists (aka men who still live/masturbate in their parents' basements), to Breitbart writer/rotting wax mold Milo Yiannopoulous, caused Jones to quit Twitter temporarily in July, before Jack Dorsey and Twitter HQ cracked down, and spared her from the locust swarm of trolls.

In a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jones spoke on the matter, stating, "hate speech and freedom of speech, two different things."

Without giving them any visibility, there are already examples of Twitter users BLAMING Leslie for having private photos on her private iCloud account, because of course they are.

Leslie had just been in Rio, when NBC flew her down to be an Olympic commentator after her viral Twitter commentary had delighted millions around the world.

Fuck the internet. Fuck trolls. Fuck everything.

Header photo via Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com

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