Leonardo DiCaprio Is a Very Bad Friend

Justice for Jonah Hill

Yesterday, on the first day of August, in the two thousand and sixteenth year of our lord, Leonardo DiCaprio spotted his friend Jonah Hill on a New York City street, innocently listening to his headphones and lost in thought.

DiCaprio, seizing the moment to #PRANK, rushed up to an unsuspecting Hill with his phone out like an over-zealous fan, to which Hill, momentarily confused, recoiled in fear.

But, after a flash of of recognition, Hill realizes that it's just his friend Leonardo DiCaprio wearing sunglasses and a hat.

"Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice," purred the creepy paparazzo who recorded the whole thing, his shutter clicking away, as you can hear in the YouTube clip above.



Later, Leo rode a Citi Bike around Manhattan, looking for victims, cunningly plotting his next trick.

He better not pull this shiz at his Hillary fundraiser.

H/T: Buzzfeed

Splash photo: Matteo Prandoni/BFA.com.

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