Late night talk shows are usually a playground for silly bits and celebrity promotion, but The Late Late Show got serious last night. With Judd Apatow in the role of guest-host, the director brought along friends Lena Dunham, Adam Sandler, and Maria Bamford and they quickly got into a discussion about living with OCD.

Anyone who's read Lena Dunham's memoir knows that the Girls star struggled with odd proclivities growing up, but Maria Bamford and Judd Apatow also reveal their personal experiences with OCD -- and Adam Sandler attempts to relate, sharing a story about how OCD impacted the late Chris Farley. As Judd Apatow himself points out in the clip, all four guests engage in what could pretty accurately be summed up as OCD Olympics, one-upping each other's tales of growing up with mental illness.

In the end, Maria Bamford was declared the "winner" of the discussion, although we're not exactly sure what the prize is here. Watch the four funny people talk OCD, above.
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