Lena Dunham, Alexa Chung, Miranda July + More In Get Out the Vote PSA

With the election nearly two weeks away and the third -- and final -- presidential debate tonight, there's no better time to be reminded of the issues and how much is at stake. While we're encouraging everyone to go watch the debate (check out our NYC debate-watching guide!), sometimes a PSA full of awesome women (Lena Dunham! Sarah Sophie Flicker! Alexa Chung! Carrie Brownstein! Tavi Gevinson! Miranda July!) lip syncing to one of our all-time favorite songs -- Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" -- is more informative than watching Obama and Romney bicker over tax reform for an hour and a half.

Sarah Sophie Flicker got together some of her lady friends (including those mentioned above) to make a Get Out the Vote video focusing on women's issues in this election and encouraging voters to support President Obama on November 6th. Flicker writes in an email:

A bunch of us gals, including Maximilla Lukacs, Tavi Gevinson, Alia Penner, Tennessee Thomas, Alexa Chung, Rebecca Fernandez, Leith Clark, Erika Spring, Karen Elson and I had all been horrified by the news, the repeated attacks on women's rights, and the anti-women sentiment pouring out from the GOP generally. We decided we wanted to make a PSA.

Personally, I'm struck by the fact that we are teetering dangerously close to a situation where my daughter won't have the same rights I've enjoyed my entire life and that scares the heck out of me. Women constituted 60% of last elections voters. We can win this thing. We just have to agitate, motivate, and get out the darn vote!

And the best part? Lesley Gore herself endorsed the message.

"I had been obsessed by "You Don't Own Me" for so long and have been performing it with The Citizens Band. Tennessee had interviewed Lesley Gore a few months back and reached out to her. Lesley emailed back immediately, she couldn't have been more amazing! She is very active politically and just got on board," Flicker writes.  

You can watch the cute video above and catch Flicker performing "You Don't Own Me" with the Citizens Band at The Abrons Arts Center on October 24-27 (she'll be joined, we hear, by a "VERY special guest"). Fingers crossed it's Lesley Gore!

Full list of PSA participants (so you don't blink and miss 'em!):

Alexa Chung
Alia Shawkat
Amy Rose Spiegel
Ana Calderon
Anna Fitzpatrick
Arrow and Ada
Barb Morrison
Becky Stark
Brodie Lancaster
Carlen Altman
Carrie Brownstein
Cassie Carello
Chapin Sisters
Courtney Hall
Courtney Martin
Elle Wagner
Erika Spring
Hannah Johnson
India Menuez
Judith Iocovozzi
Kate Nash
Kate Urcioli
Katy Goodman
Kime Buzzelli
Krista Bachmeier
Kristina Uriegas
Leah Siegel
Lena Dunham
Lesley Gore
Lisa Mayock
Lucy Moffatt
Madelyne Beckles
Mae Whitman
Maria Valencia
Meg Olsen
Melissa Coker
Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe
Mia Lidofsky
Miranda July
Natalia Czajkiewicz
Natasha Lyonne
Petra Collins
Rachel Antonoff
Rain Phoenix
Ruby Karp
Ryan Roche
Sarah Sophie Flicker
Shae Detar
Sophie Buhai
Tracee Ellis Ross

Head over to the "You Don't Own Me" Vimeo to read more about the issues and about the PSA.

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