Lemon Sun Premiere Their New Music Video on PAPERMAG!

Daiana Feuer

L.A. rock band Lemon Sun's new video for "Touch The Lightning" is all stop-motion and features a pesky suitcase that crawls into singer Rob Kolar's bed when he is away. The suitcase happens to be full of lightning and sucks him into a swirly warp upon his return. Directed by Emily Wilder, the video features no extra special effects. It consists entirely of photographs, so it took hours of Kolar moving one hair at a time to create. The singer says, "The scene with the photographs moving, we actually peeled each page and animated it like a flip book. To get sucked into the suitcase, I had to physically do a headstand in the suitcase and contort my body inch by inch so that it looked like I was going in!" The song itself, "Touch The Lightning," is inspired by Graham Hancock's book, Supernatural. "He argues that the use of psychedelics in a spiritual fashion can enhance your development as a human being," Kolar says. "The lyrics are about breaking from conformity and a disillusioned sense of reality to step into something that may seem dangerous but may be more fulfilling." Much like squeezing a 6 foot 2 body into a suitcase.

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