For those of you not glued to Justin Bieber's Instafeed, a few days ago, homie put out the call to his literal millions of dedicated fans in an attempt to find the girl of his dreams, pictured below.

And you snoops apparently found her! And then tagged the shit outta her! And then started several fake profiles for her!

Anyway, the real girl from those pics appears to be one Cindy Kimberly aka @wolfiecindy aka a normal girl tryna live her life and subsequently does "not know how to deal with this." After all, other than a few Instagram posts, not much is known about her -- though we're thinking it's pretty safe to assume that girl is a little freaked out by the raging hate/unsolicited abuse she is now incurring just because the Biebs wanted to get with it. Not to mention, all the creepy dudes now flocking to add their two cents. A smattering of awesome comments she's been receiving over the past few days include:


[h/t US Magazine]

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