To all the bands who've taken to asking their fans to curb their smartphone-snapping at shows: watch and learn. As usual, the answer to all problems, in rock n' roll and in life, lies in the black-clad bosom of the Ramones. And in this new clip, posted on College Humor's experimental-programming YouTube channel C2, drummer Marky Ramone solves this awkward phones-at-shows situation with a SWAT! 

Our boy Alex Scordelis, who's written PAPER cover stories on Iggy Azalea, Amy Poehler and Courtney Love, wrote and produced the clip; Jake Fogelnest directed it. We asked Scordelis about working with the legendary skinsman.

"It was a blast," Scordelis says. "He's played on so many killer records -- a lot of people don't realize that he was in the Voidoids and played drums on Blank Generation. The two musicians in the sketch, Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace, are metalheads and fans of Marky's pre-Ramones proto-metal band, Dust. He got a kick out of that."

Check out the video, above. And if you can handle unfiltered punk attitude and smooth California jams in the same sitting, watch Scordelis' ad for Don Henley Shirts.
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