"Le Freak" by Chic Is Our Oldie But Goodie Video Of the Week

By Gary Pini

Yes, Daft Punk hooked-up with Nile Rodgers. But, who is Nile Rodgers? In the video for DPs new single, "Get Lucky," he's the dude without a helmet on the far right. More importantly, Rodgers was a session player in the 70s who -- along with Bernard Edwards -- started a group called Chic and played a key roll in the rise of dance, funk, pop and disco music. Their songs topped the charts, and today's oldie-but-goodie, "Le Freak," is Atlantic Records' only triple platinum-selling single. As a producer, Rodgers worked with Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, Duran Duran, Grace Jones etc. Rodgers also released an auto-biography in 2011, which you can pick up HERE.

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