It's been less than 48 hours since Beelzebub was elected to the nation's highest office, and LGBTQ groups are wasting no time preparing for the onslaught. For the trans community, this means attempting to wrap up all the necessary paperwork required to obtain name changes and legal documentation like birth certificates, passports and state IDs before Trump takes office in January. The reason for this urgency is that our new hypocritical button-eyed demon VP Mike Pence, who has had a career-long pathological obsession with denying women and gay people their basic human rights, has vowed to undo Obama's order that protects federal contractors from being discriminated against based on sexuality or gender identity. Members of the legal community, displaying the kind of intersectional support and solidarity that we hope to see flourish in the difficult years ahead, are offering up their services for free on Twitter under the hashtag #TransLawHelp. In addition to lawyers, regular citizens are using the hashtag to offer up cash to cover the government fees required to obtain these documents.

If you are a transperson in need of any assistance getting your documentation in order, you can search the hashtag along with your location to find a lawyer near you.

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