Law Abiding Citizen On DVD!

Law Abiding Citizen, (Anchor Bay) an enjoyably trashy revenge saga starring Gerald Butler as Clyde Shelton, who watched his wife and child hideously killed in front of him during a home invasion, is out on DVD. Through a fluke of justice, one of the perps gets a light sentence from the Philadelphia prosecutor (Jamie Foxx), and ten years later everyone associated with this miscarriage of justice begins to meet a violent end. Even when Clyde is arrested for suspicion of the crimes and is in solitary confinement, the reign of terror continues. Directed by F. Gary Gray, this is junky pulp fiction but very watchable and entertaining. And make sure you watch the Unrated Director's Cut because there's a nice piece of nastiness involving Gerard Butler using a buzz saw on a loathsome criminal that was cut from the theatrical print.

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