Fashion week went out with a bang Friday. And there were a few doozies of shows. We must say we loved Manuel's show which was SO modern country. Now remember, this stuff preceded BLING by about fifty years! The audience was HOT looking. (Check out this turquoise suit in the front row!) Our favorite pieces in the shows were the rhinestone studded "state" jackets -- representing New York, Tennessee, Texas and "Hollywood" (a state to southerners!) -- and these incredible leather pants made to look like blue distressed denim jeans! We also adored the western cut jackets for men and all the boots of course. Bill Cunningham was going crazy for the show exclaiming "this could only happen in America!" We also ran into a friend who told us that one of our favorite fashion stores in the universe, BLAKE (from Chicago) will be selling Manuel's clothes. Then we ran over to see our favorite Brit designers Zowie and Brian who design the amazing line Boudicca. The show was superb. These guys are great, great talents and are slowly getting the recognition they deserve. After the sublime Boudicca, we jumped over to Jeremy Scott's show and yukked our heads off when we saw the junk food theme of the clothes. Our favorite? The french fry evening gown (pictured here) and the hamburger boy's outfit.


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