Lars "I Am Just An Idiot" Von Trier Finally Gets Something Right

David Hershkovits

Following the screening of his new film Melancholia in Cannes, Danish director Lars Von Trier made a fool of himself with rambling remarks about Germans, Nazis and Jews -- which included the comment "I am a Nazi." Melancholia star Kirsten Dunst squirmed and was clearly mortified as he spoke, a dinner and party were canceled and he has been formally declared a persona non grata by the festival. Von Trier has expanded upon his remarks in the LA Times, hoping to salvage his spiraling reputation. After stating how much he cares abut Jews -- and how for some time he thought of himself as Jewish -- he tries to shift the blame for the universal uproar on the French, whose behavior during the war remains a national sore point. I don't know the man, but I have seen some of his films and can definitely say that he has the sado masochistic bent of a dictatorial director. In Antichrist he has the character played by Charlotte Gainsbourg destroy the genitals of her husband (Willem Dafoe). How he demeans the character played by Nicole Kidman in Dogville also bears the markings of an autocratic mindset. After what happened to John Galliano, he can't really play dumb on this one. And he wasn't even drunk!

So in this LA Times interview he again begins to ramble and, finding himself sinking into a hole of his own making once more, he cuts himself short: "I'm just an idiot that should just say home in Denmark and never talk to anybody," he says. Bingo.

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