Your inhibitions about solo crushing an entire pumpkin pie weren't the only things released this Thanksgiving weekend. The Weeknd's hotly-anticipated new album, Starboy, came out on Friday. It's larger than life, and includes several high-profile features from the likes of Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and the one and only bummer goddess, Lana del Rey. She contributed to two of the tracks on Starboy, and she celebrated its release in the the most Lana del Rey fashion possible: shooting a melancholy selfie video where she lip synchs to her track, "Stargirl Interlude," acts out lyrics about scratching her nails across kitchen countertops, and whirls around a silent, empty apartment overlooking the Los Angeles skyline. Never change, Lana.

Watch below...

Cover photo: BFA/ David X Pruitting

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