Laird Cregar Is God!

I believe in praying to actors who deliver great performances, because there is divinity in what some of them achieve. Point in question: the great Laird Cregar, a character actor who flourished from 1940-1945 and who delivered spellbinding performances in I Wake Up Screaming (1941) as the disturbed police inspector, or as the Devil in Heaven Can Wait (1941), as the frightening Jack The Ripper in The Lodger (1944) and -- his crowning achievement -- as the schizophrenic composer who kills when he hears discordant sounds in Hangover Square (1945), with a stunning score by Bernard Hermann.

Cregar drastically lost weight for Hangover Square, which possibly led to his heart attack and subsequent death on Dec. 9, 1944. Sadly he never lived to see his great last performance debut in theaters. Thanks to Fox Home Entertainment, the Fox Horror Classics box set out now in stores has two of his greatest performances: The Lodger and Hangover Square. Watching him, one is amazed at the subtleties in his performances, how he can shift between poignant and frightening with such ease. One can only bow down in prayer in front of the TV at his brilliance.

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