Iranian-French producer Lafawndah has just released a fantastical, zouk-tinged cover and accompanying music video of the 90s Ace of Base banger, " All That She Wants."

Created alongside visual artist Analisa Teachworth, the gorgeous, 10-minute-long narrative is a pansexual mess of limbs, galloping bass lines and a series of intimately sensual buzz tones that anchor the original's cagey clarinet line. According to Lafawndah, she chose the song as "an homage to a childhood feeling: being obsessed by a song, knowing all the lyrics by heart while having a pretty opaque understanding of what the song actually is about" and "being intentionally fed liberating values of independence and strength."

To us, the choice of song also seems like it possibly could act as a subversive gesture. As Ace of Base will live in cultural infamy (at least for us) as that secret Nazi band -- a pretty interesting pick for a globally-influenced, power dynamic-obsessed pop producer, for sure. Watch the full thing for yourself and decide for yourself below.

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