Lady Gaga's Lyrics Video for "Applause" Is Full of Rupaul's Drag Race Queens

by Max Kessler

A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga made a special appearance at West Hollywood gay/drag bar Mickey's while a RuPaul's Drag Race event was being held. The result was this lyrics video for "Applause" filled with a partying/shaky camera-wielding Gaga and some of Ru's favorite girls, including Willam, Raven, Detox, Shangela, Morgan McMichaels, and Shannel. Of course, we look forward to "Applause"'s upcoming official video which is sure to feature Gaga in a giant squid costume giving birth to vampire Jesus or what have you, but what's great about this video is that everyone's just having some good ol' fashioned fun. Watch the fabulous queens dress up and lip synch for their ARTPOP above.

[via Yahoo]

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