Get ready to lose your ever-lovin' minds because the trailer for Lady Gaga's Netflix documentary,Gaga: Five Foot Two has arrived and it is a wonder to behold! We had some sense of the ground that would be covered in the doc from the clips she teased on Instagram (the Super Bowl performance, her battle with chronic pain, her... complicated relationship with Madonna), but this fast-paced trailer hints at a whole wide world of delightful Gaga material. There's the obligatory walking-through-a-quiet-hallway-to-a-crazy-crowd shot! She gets a 'Joanne' tattoo! She hugs Florence Welch! She "gets stoned in grandma's car"! She almost falls off a horse naked! Donatella Versace is proud of her! Somebody hold me!!!

Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two will be released on Netflix September 22nd.

Watch the trailer below...

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