Lady Gaga manifested in Raleigh, North Carolina--election battleground--to campaign for Hillary Clinton, alongside Jersey titan Bon Jovi. Gaga, who's been soapboxing for Hill since the get-go, donned an original jacket worn by Michael Jackson during a White House visit in 1990.

The jacket caught flack by Trump supporters, who (not surprisingly) immediately, and idiotically, accused her of wearing a Nazi uniform.

Not today, Satan. Not today.


Gaga made a rousing speech for the future Madame President...

Mr. Jon Bon joined the Lady onstage for a stellar duet of his classic "Livin' On A Prayer..."

Gaga also performed her Joanne closer "Angel Down," which she had written in honor of Black Lives Matter, and Trayvon Martin.

...her LGBT warrior anthem "Born This Way..."

...and her "give peace a chance," Father John Misty-scribed Bruce Springsteen homage "Come To Mama." TIMELY.

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