UPDATE: I love the song now.

My paws are going up, and down; I am so confused.

Also, this happened:

My paws are up.


Lady Gaga has released her Joanne album version of "A-Yo"--the foot stomping, hand-clapping rock pop track she performed at her Bud Light sponsored dive bar show she performed in Nashville, TN a few weeks ago. The raspy, Mark Ronson-produced song--which sounded better live--features the chorus, "A-Yo, A-Yo, we're smokin' em all" after some "Yes, I'm being very serious!" guitar riffs.

Joanne is set to be released this Friday (October 21), and Gaga, who was profiled by the New York Times yesterday, maintains that this new era of country pop rock is the "most authentic" version of herself as an artist.

Listen below.

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