Lady Gaga hath returned with the new, wholly melodramatic but totally earnest video for "Million Reasons"--her runaway heartbreaking hit single that wasn't meant to be a single till she belted it out within an inch of her life on Carpool Karaoke.

The video--which picks up right where we left off in the Joanne-era desert of rage in the "Perfect Illuison" video--has ponytailed, jean cutoff shorts, and black midriff clad Gaga waking up on the desert ground, coming down haaaaard.

She's picked up by a carcade of Escalades, taking her back to her celebulife of hair and makeup.

It's hard!

But she finds strength in her Joanne vibes pink pantsuit and cowboy hat. Andd in this moment, I screamed.


She gets her twang on:

And heads back to the desert (spiritually speaking, perhaps), where her trusty band of Grigio Girls come to the rescue:

...and comfort her in her hour of heartbreak.

And with their help, Gaga picks herself back up and keeps going, Sarah Connor style.

Actually, very much fucking so:

Did Terminator 2 inspire Joanne vibes?

Let me live.

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