After Piers Morgan glazed himself in full-on garbage water trolldom, by tweeting his "doubt" in both Lady Gaga and Madonna's revelations of past sexual assault--as well as Gaga's admittance to struggling with PTSD--Gaga decided to bite back, in a classy, queenly way.

First, Gaga tweeted her support for Madge--her clandestine "nemesis"--and her already-iconic speech at the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend.

She then tweeted at Piers directly, challenging his skepticism over why Gaga and Madonna "waited so long" to report their assaults.

And his "soldier defense" regarding PTSD:

She offered her prayers:

The singer then agreed to talk with Piers--one on one--about PTSD and sexual violence against women:

And when he, again, disrespected her, she (politely) hit back.

While Gaga hardly has to validate herself against Piers fucking Morgan, there's no one else (well, other than Madonna, actually) I'd rather watch wipe the floor with his ignorant ass.

Header photo via BFA

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