Ladies' Night at Street Artist Judith Supine's L.A. Opening

Nicholas Forker
For the opening of his show, "LadyBoy," last night in L.A., one of street artist Judith Supine's supporters took a nod from his instillation's title and spread word that anyone who showed up dressed as a women would receive $100. By the scores, they descended upon to New Image Art, wigs as big as their makeup, fishnets, platforms and all-too-revealing outfits. Dark, hand-painted wallpaper in purples and pinks covered the walls, giving the Santa Monica Blvd. gallery a cavernous feel. Filled with Supine's disembodied heads, infants and ambiguously gorgeous figures, the space came alive with the distinct feeling of uneasiness. Memorable pieces included a larger-than-life baby breathing smoke, a donut dripping syrup onto an invisible waffle and a black sailor being drowned in a tumbler of booze. Eventually, though, the uneasiness gave way to party, the trickle became a mighty river and the artist himself blended into the space seamlessly in drag from head to toe.

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