L.A. Woman is comin' to NYC!

 Well, there won't be too many postings for a while, at least not from sunny SoCal as this L.A. Woman is winging her way east to New York City! I couldn't miss the most exciting event of the social season (what better reason to drag the ole Holly Golightly drag out of mothballs than to see Rufus Wainwright do Judy at Carnegie Hall?)! Besides it's been nearly three years since I was bullied into giving up my rent-stablized East Village apartment (boo hoo...or hooray for me? guess I'll find out soon!) It's high time I came back to see what's happened to the ole 'hood. Hope to see one or two of you in one of those 15,000 Starbucks they got there! And I REALLY hope someone else is paying for the $25 Cosmopolitans.


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