Wow, am I happy to be home! And overjoyed to wake up in my own comfy bed and hear the birds chirping in the avocado tree outside my window instead of feeling crippled after a restless night sleeping on a piece of foam underneath a tenement window amplifying the sound of trucks barrelling down First Avenue at 5 a.m. When I finally arrived home and walked into my backyard I felt like Dorothy leaving her black and white farmhouse and stepping into dazzling Technicolor. I immediately ran into the garden to pull weeds thinking, It's true! It's true! L.A. really is heaven on earth! (well, at least my backyard is).

I love New York but Lord Almighty, is it stressful! And crowded! And expensive! And hot! And humid! And still reeking of urine! And....well, lets not go THERE. Let's stay HERE, in La La Land  where I just got out of Pilates class and tuned into Jonsey's Jukebox, my favorite radio program that always puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step!

Jonsey was talking to this incredible smart, incredibly articulate and incredibly talkative  guy who seemed to be promoting the new documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" He was so knowledgable, so excited and so suprisingly optimistic about the state of things that I had to sit in the parking lot of Nature Mart to hear more. And to find out who he was. Was he the film's director? I kept listening.

He responded to Jonsey, who remarked on how bad the smog was recently, that the air in L.A. has  improved immensely since the 60's and 70's and that we have made progress and not to get mired in cycnism. (I have noticed how much better it's gotten than when I first started visiting here in the early and mid 80s.)

Okay, I thought, he's been here since the 60s? Then he's older. Maybe he's the film's producer? Then he talked about driving his Prius up to Vancover for a film shoot and how much money he saved instead of taking an airplane. Oh, I dunno, maybe he's the publicist? Then he talked a mile a minute about stuff like solar panels, wind turbines, saving money as well as the enviroment in small ways like using energy saving lightbulbs and thermostats, by using recycled toilet paper and taking public transportation and how growing up in L.A. negatively influenced him to such an extent that he became committed to saving the enviroment.

Hmmmm...was it Ray Manzarek from The Doors? He certainly is a chatterbox and cares about such things. Then the guy talked about riding his bicycle everywhere and living in a two bedroom house that he's had since the 80s and that he has no intention of 'flipping' it and will probably live in it until his dying day and suddenly I remembered seeing this modest home on a local PBS show and being so impressed with it's owner when it finally dawned on me - IT'S ED BEGLEY JR!


As Jonsey cut to a commercial and I went into the store to buy soy milk I vowed to follow Begley's suggestions. And after I found his website and all the great info on his enviroment page I also vowed to purchase his non-toxic cleaner (biodegradable in just 3-7 days!) as well as rent all his movies!

Ed Begley Jr. for Mayor! Ed Begley Jr. for President! At least Ed Begley Jr. for Secretary of the Interior!!!!!

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