I'm back and boy did I ever get a case of the flu a couple of days ago. Please forgive my absence here in blogville, but I was under the covers with teeth clattering. It's not surprising as I hadn't slept for months while putting together our LA PAPER PROJECT.
I hung on by a thread that last day (Sunday) on Melrose Avenue, watching our retarded "drag queen car wash" happen (check it out at right...all while the neighbors threatened to call the cops) and then watched Kembra Pfahler put on her "fashion show," which was actually her singing naked and painted in red before takling it outside on Melrose Avenue, causing cars to swerve. It was completely ridiculous. In the back yard, we had the Echo Park cutie pies named Show Pony do a little presentation. And then, finally, it was time for our "Last Supper," a dinner planned for our staff, volunteers and new friends we made over the week, about 125 people in all. We transformed the space into a banquet setting with installations of  hanging candles by Ingo Maurer and by artist Karen Kimmel (see the two guys in aprons at right). The caterers were Fat Burger, who donated dinner for everyone, but we set the tables so it all looked extremely formal and fancypants. It was amazing. So much fun. Angela McLusky performed the night away with her friends and a great time was had by everyone. What a way to end our week. Lots of fun folks came by including Bryce Howard (our Feb. covergirl!), China Chow, Bijoux Phillips, Sarah Flicker (all previous PAPER covergirls), Rebecca Romijn, (future cover girl!) plus cool folks like Spike Jonze, Jeremy Scott, Cheryl Dunn, Sally Singer, Francesca Gregorini, Amanda Demme, Steve Aioki, Ann Magnuson and Danny Masterson. Of course, I was feverish and sick the whole time. I dragged my ass out of my hotel room the next morning at eight AM to drive around LA with Mark Hunter aka thecobrasnake. He's my new favorite LA friend and we shot a piece for our issue together on Monday.


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