L.A. Report: What Goes Around Comes Around's Vintage Swap Party

Camille Rousseau

Fashion has never been anything if not resourceful, and in these lackluster times, the shopping-addicted are plumbing their imaginations for new ways to get their fix. The latest recessionista-inspired fad popping up everywhere from living rooms to boutiques is the frock swap. The idea is simple: ladies bring a specific number of gently-used pieces from their closets, trade them in, and browse racks of someone else’s treasures. Loves it! The latest shop to clamber aboard this welcome trend is What Goes Around Comes Around, who recently hosted a vintage swap party at Space 15Twenty. The jovial event featured a bevy of hosts and fashion mavens such as the adorable Z Berg and Tennessee Thomas from The Like, celebrity stylists Britt Bardo and Jewels, alongside Marlien Rentmeester and Matt Levine, owner of NY’s Eldridge. Up-and-coming singer Reni Lane topped off the evening with a powerhouse performance, working the floor, belting out songs and grinding with mannequins. Swapping clothes is totally the new swapping spit.

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