L.A. Report: Nike Sportswear + Flux Present Screening of Dear Lemon Lima at The Montalban

Camille Rousseau

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a special advance screening of Dear Lemon Lima, a sweetly spun tale of a young girl’s pursuit of love, acceptance and friendship in the isolated beauty of Fairbanks, Alaska. The film is part of the now-familiar tradition of Cinema Tuesdays, a monthly series hosted by Nike Sportswear and curated by Flux, celebrating avant-garde film at The Montalbán. After the movie, the talented young cast joined writer/director Suzi Yoonessi onstage for a quick Q&A session, where their amicable rapport refuted the stereotype of movie sets rife with tension and inflated ego. The night kept the theme of confectionary dulcitude going with an upstairs afterparty featuring cupcakes by Big Sugar Bakeshop, ice cream, a bright pink balloon-infested photobooth and drinks courtesy of Belvedere Macerated.

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