L.A. Is Gorgeous and Wild!

Kim Hastreiter

I arrived in L.A. and hit the ground running!!!! Last night my divine friend Cameron Silver threw an awesome book signing party at his vintage couture shop for me and my new book about Geoffrey Beene -- it was SO much fun (you can see more pictures here). I saw all my Los Angeles buds: artist Karen Kimmel, architect Barbara Bestor, The Cobrasnake, Jeremy Scott, LVMH's Katherine Ross, the adorable writer Linlee Allen and my new BFF James Galanos (I kid you not -- he is FABULOUS). I met the cute Melissa Coker who designs the line Wren, and lots of other kids!!

Then, first thing this morning, I headed downtown to visit my friend Estevan Oriole at his and his partner Mr. Cartoon's art, car and tattoo studio, which KILLED. OMFG. Firstly, Estevan is an AMAZING photographer (that's me with him!) who has been friends and partners with the genius Mr. Cartoon for many years. I got a tour of their AMAZING car collection (see the photos and gag) and the tattoo studio. My favorite was the outrageous ICE CREAM truck that Cartoon took 10 years to paint. (Check it out in the sick photos! )

Then I went straight from Mr. Cartoon's studio to Mrs. Cartoon's house. Mr. Mickey and I went to visit our hilarious friend, 91-year-old Phyllis Diller, at her amazing Brentwood home. We spent a couple of hours screaming with laughter and buying art from her. She is awesome and sharp as a tack. Mr. Mickey will blog the photos of our visit so check them out!

Finally, tired as dishrags, Mickey and I drove to the amazing macro deli M Cafe (our favorite), bought dinner and went back to our Roosevelt Hotel rooms to watch the AMAZING VICTORY of Barack Obama. I am speechless and exhausted. WHAT A DAY!!!

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