By Peter J. McQuiad

Molly Schiot makes witty films, videos both commercial and non-, and smart, literate, beautiful drawings. Amanda Chantal Bacon writes gorgeously sensual, evocative articles about food and the people who grow, prepare and eat it. She makes meals at some of the most interesting restaurants in town, but tonight, in Amanda's Echo Park home, she's making what turns out to be a gorgeously sensual, evocative dinner while Schiot makes conversation with a variety of guests, some of whom they've known for awhile and some of whom (myself, my partner) they haven't known for more than 15 minutes. Who invites a reporter and his partner sight unseen to their home? For dinner, no less.

In Los Angeles, Power People fall into three categories: The ones most frequently reported on are those whose power derives from access to finance and connections -- they are to be endured; Those whose power derives from a bottomless well of curiosity, the ability to extract the best from the people they're around and the compulsions to create -- they are to be savored. In the best-case scenario, Category Twos (and less often, Category Ones) can morph into Category Threes-people who have gained access to enough resources and people to make almost anything happen but who refuse to see success as a zero-sum game. Hot, smart and hardworking, Bacon and Schiot are a Category Two, gaining strength in the waters off Malibu before making landfall. Residents should expect a light drizzle of Cool gradually changing over into a deluge of Awesome.

Where's your favorite spot to get it on in L.A.?
Molly: My favorite spot to get it on in Los Angeles is defiantly at any red light.
Amanda: Curson and Hollywood.

Where's your favorite place to go when you just want to really feel each other -- be romantic, private, alone?
Molly: The tub.
Amanda: I like to lie in bed all morning and have Molly read me one chapter from several different books off the wall, and then make her a huge breakfast. So I guess bed, and the kitchen. I should just put a bed in the kitchen -- that would be my favorite place to be with her.

What do you like the most about your mate?
Molly: So many things. My favorite thing about Amanda is when she makes different styles of steel-cut oatmeal first thing in the morning in very short-shorts that are bright blue. I also love that I have met someone that is endlessly generous to me and to everyone she meets, even during an introduction. I also love that she wears very high heels and Chanel lipstick while simultaneously blasting Bob Dylan and talking about how beautiful the purple turnips look.
Amanda: Well, it's a three-way tie between the little curved line she gets near her mouth when she smiles; when she gets bossy and directorial around a camera; and how, despite her protests, she will always take that last huge bite I feed her once she's "so full she�s going to die."

What annoys you more than anything else?
Molly: I get annoyed when I have to enforce the "no shoe policy" in her house.
Amanda: Waste. Waste is by far the most annoying thing. When we first met, she used paper towels with abandon. It freaked me out.

What model car do you drive? 
Molly: I drive a Prius and drive it quite a bit.
Amanda: I drive a '78 Mercedes Coupe Diesel. If it's not broken, we take that.

What's the most L.A. thing you've ever done as a couple? 
Molly: Our hope to the high heavens that Lourdes Maria Ciccone turns out a little gay.
Amanda: Today was pretty L.A. You know, did Runyon, had a Kombucha, couple's Pilates, went to a Kabbalah class, shared a carrot, and now we're running late to Mystic Tan because of traffic.

If L.A. slid into the ocean, where would you move?
Molly: Madagascar, where lemurs hang off the porch and where the house hangs over the water, and where our friends just hang on the beach. All the time.
Amanda: Ooohhhh, we'd stay here! L.A.-quatica, and live nestled in coral reefs and drive around in really fast flippers, and only eat sea urchins and spot prawns.

What is the toughest thing about being a private couple in a city that thrives on the anti-private?
Molly: We are not a very private couple.
Amanda: I don't think anyone is too concerned about our doings. Not even when I don't wear underwear and drive the Porsche off Mulholland after doing too many lines at the club.


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