L.A. Fashion Week Report: Jula Clancey

J. Everette Perry

Last season I went to this amazing Photo-Genics (the hottest runway modeling agency in LA) after-party in downtown LA, and not only were all the people beautiful, but the music was so infectious that you immediately had to start dancing. As I started shaking my ass this breathtaking woman in the most opulent gown started dancing with me. I mean this woman could dance -- she was beautiful, sophisticated, and boy did she smell good, and after a good 30 minute shake down, she was pulled away and rushed off. I never saw her again until last night.

Julia Clancey's line has been the highlight of LA Fashion Week here at SmashBox so far. She opened with a haunting Italian ballad, and then the lights went up and you were taken through a time-line of silhouettes each having such a distinct symbolic look. Individually the dresses held their own and as a line they owned the catwalk. It all made sense as the pieces flowed and floated down the runway. Watching them I had flashbacks of her graceful moves from that night last year.

Julia told me that she was inspired by going to the Cannes Film Festival, which took her back to a different era, with the extravagance of the locations, and the luxury of the way every one was treated. Her favorite looks were the ones with big head wraps.

"Each dress color was inspired by different exotic fruits, such as lychees, mangos and papayas. The linger of the aroma and flavor is one thing, and the soft yet bold colors was something that I had to share."

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