L.A. Boutique the Dog Show Is Brimming With Bizarro Fun

Rebecca Smeyne

Last week, while working on an upcoming Paper shoot featuring fashion designer Peggy Noland, she brought us to her friends' new Echo Park boutique The Dog Show, which opened in November. We were so blown away by this place, we thought it deserved a feature all its own. As fate would have it, the owners, Anna Dewey Greer and Christine Stormberg (they're from Omaha, Nebraska and have been BFFs since the age of four) invited us to an action-packed in-store "Spa Day," a perfect occasion to show you what this place is about. 

First things first, there's a huge unicorn head on the storefront. The whole place is pink, even the cash register. They have a cat phone, that meows instead of rings. They like girls (their card reads "Are you a girl? Do you know a girl? How do you feel about girls?"), although a lot of the merch, all brightly hued, could be considered unisex. And, to save the best for last, the hair accessories are displayed on a supremely clever and awesome wall of hair. The clothing is marketed as "vintage and designer sportswear" -- original makers include the proprietors themselves, who specialize in swimwear, and Malcolm Stuart

Their party yesterday was organized in collaboration with accessory designers TAN FAT and offered "Goth Lyfe Coaching," "Personally Prescribed Affirmations," "Stencil Spray Tans," readings from a satin-swathed bed (on the floor, by the hair wall), custom hair designs and fades, courtesy of Christine herself, massages, purple champagne cocktails, and a pink cake. Word about the place has clearly gotten around -- we ran into Claire and Jona of YACHT, Piper from the band Puro Instinct, Seth from Hunx and His Punx, VICE's West Coast Editor Liz Armstrong, artist Bec Stupak of Honeygun Labs, and at least one real, obviously in-the-know dog. Pics of all the bizarro fun above.

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