It seems the gods of the young and the restless have chosen to smite another vessel of copper love: Kylie Jenner and Tyga have reportedly broken up (for real, for real) after two years of...yeah.

TMZ is reporting that the former beaus called it quits shortly before this year's Met Gala, which they each attended separately.

via BFA

via BFA

The marble of the Metropolitan Museum of Art ran wet and sleek with tears!

No word yet on what caused the split, and really, is that any of our business?

Last year, the two had another alleged schism, and rebooted right after, so we should probably take this news with a grain of lip.

If this is true, however, the unfathomably intricate, ever-increasing Kardashian-Jenner nexus just got a little less...complicated.

If Tyga is out of the picture, that means Blac Chyna (soon-to-be Angela Renee Kardashian), who gave birth to Tyga's son, and is now engaged to, and carrying the child of, Kylie's older brother, Rob, will perhaps have a "chiller" time integrating into the clan.

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