In news that surprises no one, Kylie Jenner makes a ton of money for just posting stuff on her Instagram. But what is surprising though is how much she's snagging per post.

Every year, Hopper HQ rounds up a list of the highest paid people on Instagram, per The Daily Mail. And once again, Jenner topped this year's list.

Her jaw-dropping average cost per post? $1,266,000. For one Instagram post. ONE.

Even wilder? The next person on the list is Ariana Grande, who apparently only charges $996,000. And as for Jenner's sister Kim Kardashian? $910,000 a post.

Granted, Jenner was number one last year, as well — though she did manage to beat her $1 million/post average from 2018. No wonder she's a goddamn billionaire.

Photo via Getty