Kristen Wiig Has a Nervous Breakdown, Sleeps With Darren Criss In Girl Most Likely

By Abby Schreiber

We can't believe we'd never heard of Kristen Wiig's upcoming movie Girl Most Likely before -- she totally gets it on with Blaine from Glee! (Actually, we realized we didn't recognize this movie because it was previously called Imogene -- Wiig mentioned it, in fact, to PAPER's Alexis Swerdloff in her 2011 cover story.) Aside from that little vignette with Darren Criss, the trailer, released today, shows Wiig playing a darker, more unhinged version of her Bridesmaids role; her character, Imogene, is a once-promising New York playwright who suffers from a nervous breakdown and is forced to go live with her honky tonk mom (played by Annette Bening) in Ocean City, New Jersey. Once there she meets a Hot Dude (Darren Criss) who's renting her childhood bedroom and her's mom's new, slightly demented boyfriend (Matt Dillon). Bening and Wiig have great chemistry together and, even though "Gen X versus Millennials" generational jokes are a little tired, we got a kick out of watching Wiig go crazy and do body shots at a club with twenty-year-olds. Watch the trailer above.

Girl Most Likely hits theaters on June 19.

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