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Kris Jenner scored points with beleaguered mothers whose offspring criticize their clothing choices everywhere last December, when she posted an email from daughter Kim Kardashian to her Instagram calling her out for recycling herPeter-Pan-collared shirt dress.

"I love u mom, but no more pilgrim Adams (sic) family outfits," Kardashian wrote. "You have exhausted this look. Done. Move on. We need chic, tight dresses, not this omish (sic) shit anymore."


Still, as of late there's been nary an Addams Family look in sight for Jenner, who we chatted with at the Givenchy Paris Fashion Week show yesterday. Does she think Kim had a point about her Amish shit?  

"I show her my looks now and she helps me out," says Jenner. "Riccardo sent me some things over from Givenchy, which was so lovely. On the way here, Kim was actually complimenting me. She said, 'Mom, you've had the greatest fashion week!'"

Jenner says she has to step-up her fashion game when she's not in Calabasas.

"We can walk around in L.A. in workout attire after the gym and get away with it. The other day I was in the gym here at the hotel and thought about running out to pick something up and then thought,  'Don't you dare!' So I got a little bit of glam pulled together and put a nice outfit before I went out. And it felt better."

We're all for dressing up to run an errand, but Jenner should just go full slobcore and ride the athleisure wave. This could be you, Kris, but Kim's playing.

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