I bet Kris Jenner wishes you've never heard of/seen this infomercial of her endorsing " Wicks of Wisdom"--candles with supposedly magical properties, conceived by "psychic"/plane crash survivor Linda Salvin--but here we are.

This low budget 'mercial, graciously rediscovered by Trey Taylor of Dazed Digital, shows the media maven in pre-Kardashian fame attire/hair (I'm guessing this was circa 2002ish?), doing her damn best to convince us that these $100 a pop candles can improve your life.

With shockingly awkward "recreation testimonials," from people who claim these candles work...including Ericka Kosmicki, an "executive assistant," and Matt Brooks a "web designer," we get a gloriously lame and bizarre smorgasbord of devastating camp.

The pinnacle of the 28 minute clip, comes with Salvin relaying a "poem," from an "unknown author," entitled God, Are You Real? where proof of a higher power comes in the form of a farty child, who cries out for God to make himself known.

God bless Kris Jenner for showing her hustlin' prowess, even when she was pawning off shitty fake magic candles; you can bet your life I would've bought one of these then, and will probably buy them now.

The candles clearly worked for her!

We're sure The Kardashian/Jenner Kamp will have this ancient piece of jewelry pulled from YouTube ASAP, but watch below. Just watch. Watch. Please, God. Watch.

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