I met a really inspiring artist yesterday named Craig Costello. This guy is really talented. I first saw his work through my friend and co-worker Carlo McCormick who had a copy of a book Costello did under his tagging name KR. Some of you may know KR from his larger than life graffiti painting he's done for many years on the sides of buildings sometimes with his friend Steve Powers aka ESPO. (See photo.) Anyway, Costello is a hero to graffiti writers because of his high-powered ink and the bottle he designed for writers to use which he calls KRINK and sells on the web and at a couple of cool stores. On top of that, after seeing his KR book I was completely blown away by all his other artwork including his amazing photography, his paintings and his latest drip work which he's doing in elevators, and especially on mailboxes! (Arent they amazing?). Anyway, youll be hearing more about this great artist (especially from me!).


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