It's ur world, always has been, never wasn't, still is, always will be, forever you, you, infinity, etc. Allah Hu Akbar, Jah Rastafari, Seni Seviyorum, Ay Ay Ay Ay, canta, no llores, Yemaya Yemaya. Truth beyond truth beyond language, I will never stop saying I and I and I will never stop saying now is now is now is Jah Jah Allah Jah Chango, furl meh. Listen to Miles Davis play trumpet, it never gets old. Fuck u if u think otherwise. If u don't like Miles Davis ur an asshole. Hi-five Mark Zuckerberg while the homie pick his pocket. Be ur own ponzi scheme. Libras, tho naturally fair and moderate, do love they lil creature comforts and the sensual delights of the earthly realm. Eat some cereal and watch some cartoons. Wear sweatpants, smoke weed and listen to Wiz Khalifa. The echoing resonance of the last month's Black Moon got u in a creative space. Do some painting, tinkle on a piano if u have one at hand. Listen to that Black Moon album matter fact, shoulda told u to do that last month.


The first modern professional police force in the world was pretty recent: 1829, London. Before that, there were armed guards at various offices and institutions, prefects, soldiers occasionally employed domestically for this or that reason, etc., but nothing the size and scope of the modern police, no organized body of government workers patrolling the streets 24 hours a day in any nation. Do we safer for it? No, in fact any reasonable person feels quite the opposite. Who are these assholes with guns walking around? I don't know them and I don't trust them with my life, I never signed off on them being in my life, let alone with the right to walk up on me and point a gun in my face. And my taxes pay their salary? Fuck outa here. This basically fascist form of legal enforcement is relatively new to human history. America had nothing resembling a government funded police force until a few years after the UK pioneered the concept, and when the United States did implement the concept it was for the most part in the form of slave catching patrols in the south. Yes, it was from these slave catching patrols that the first police departments in the United States were born. The idea that policing as it exists to today is some ancient and integral part of human society that keeps us from sinking into chaos and violence is a myth. The police are essentially an organized crime syndicate who routinely murder, rape, steal from, extort and intimidate the citizenry under the protection of the state, they are hired thugs, watchdogs for the elite, my G, on moms they too foul. The Police were invented as a means of upholding a judicial system conceived to control the general working populace while defending the property and interests of the rich ruling class (slaveowners, landowning men of society with career politicians in their pockets, corporate profiteers, etc.). Look I'ma say it again: The American Police were literally invented to catch slaves and force them back into slavery. And they operate today with more or less the same perogative. Even the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution outlawing slavery still kept slavery legal in prisons. This bit of legislative semantics led to the rise of today's prison industrial complex. It is common knowledge that today's prison is the modern day equivalent to the antebellum plantations. There's more black men in prison today then there were slaves back in the day, over half of them are in for non-violent drug offenses. The "War on Drugs" was a false pretense for a mass enslavement of black people, even Nixon's aide John Ehrlichman admits this today, look it up. Make no mistake, prison is slavery, the police are slavecatchers and lynchers protected by the state and this whole crooked system must be abolished as such.


Do fifty push-ups, read Le Petit prince pero en español, El Pricipito, naw whatever, reading's for nerds, drink beer and listen to Sabbath and Lizzy as per usual. Drop acid watch Finding Nemo for ten minutes then get bored and take a 5 hour walk. We exist in a cycle of waking and sleeping, our dream consciousness mediates the difference between our waking and sleeping consciousness. U can be asleep and mentally awake, u can be awake and mentally asleep, the difference is hazy, murky, almost non-existent the more u try to pinpoint it. Dreams are a powerful psychological phenomenon and they shape the physical realm over an extended period of time, the dream, the imagination, invention, technology, societal influence, hypnotism, magic, what dreams may come, furl meh? Here's a fun lil task for the physical realm: If u live in Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, or Ohio, vote Hillary. If u live in Vermont, write in Bernie, if u live anywhere else, vote Jill Stein, this is ur duty as a Sagittarius, as commanded by me, ur astrologist, naw just playing, democracy is a farce, stockpile weapons, study martial arts, read the Art of War, the Tao Te Ching, Chomsky, Marx, Cleaver, Malcolm, Fanon, Davis, Baldwin, share and donate books, exercise daily, grow ur own food, shop local and farmer's markets, destroy police property on the regular, don't pay ur taxes, have a kid, home school them. I don't know mane it's whatever, do whatever.


Rainbows are ancient my nigga, as old as the planet's atmosphere basically, funny cause they're such a modern shape, haha, naw whatever, I don't know what I'm talking about, naw but for real, rainbows appear to prophets of gods as signs of great change and this month, since the sun's in Libra, ur chart is wild polytonal, ur a walking prism refracting the rainbow that is the peace within ur heart. People think peaceful means slow, quiet, boring, but no, peace can be loud, fast and it is the single most thrilling feeling on earth, next to freedom and love which are essentially all the same thing, separately solely by semantics. Dissect ur semantics, my nigga. Turn up, it's lit.


Truth immaculate, furl meh. This is a big weed month for u Aquarius, Sativa in particular, stock up on cheeba, get some of those space cakes, snack on those, get zonked, get super high all month. Listen to Otis Redding sing "Try a Little Tenderness" and then try a little tenderness urself. Listen to E-40 "Go Hard or Go Home" and then actually go hard or go home. U can be hard and tender at the same time, the ladies love that. Watch some live footage Bob Marley & The Wailers. Think about ur life. Drink a lot of purified, distilled ice water. Go on a long bike ride. Pet a dog. Watch some classic gangster movies, some classic hood movies. Paint a dense oil painting.


Read some Angela Davis, listen to some Maxo Kream some 21 Savage and some Retch. Listen to M.A. Listen to that new M.I.A. too. Revisit Dej Loaf. Watch Amadeus and go on a long Mozart kick. Listen to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane. Pisces is a real Jazz sign. Coltrane was a Libra his rising sign was Pisces. Alice Coltrane was like a Leo but her moon was Pisces. So Pisces figures deep into thangs mane it's levels. Suggest money to urself and it will appear. Go cop a candle and lite that bitch, that's the fuse to the dynamite of ur dreams and intentions. Read up on the so-called "Datalogical Turn."


Chief a doobie and listen to the new Solange while flipping thru the Bible. Listen to that Saigon joint about guns and that Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne zong. Relisten to that Jeffery album, it still hold up. Cop that new Danny Brown and that new MIA. Write a poem about McDonald's naw jk don't do that that's a dumb idea haha.Get a new tattoo. Wear a Wu Tang t-shirt on the full moon. Quit ur job, marry ur significant other, trust that ur art is a positive and necessary force in the world, whatever it is that art might be. Grow some edible plants in ur home.


This month is about yoga, indoor swimming, meditating, quiet sunlit reading. Force urself to take a break from work whenever u can. That Libra Sun got u on a business tip, whether u like it or not, so it's important to balance that out with real recharging type stuff that's still light and relaxing. Politic with a Capricorn if u can, they have hella insight this month. Play chess with a Virgo.


Capitalism is wild awkward and embarrassing. Who thought that up? Must have been the most boring ass fool like "everybody take ur tokens ok are u listening? this is money I want yal to pay attention" what? No, nerd, go away u hella boring, get a life. Coins, paper, so messy, where do I put this shit? In a bank? So I have all these pieces of paper that u told me I need to live but then it's in a building that I can't even go to after 5pm? Sounds like a trick. Not wavy. Money. What a joke. Money's hella theoretical, it's like 90% just on computers now, which is actually pretty tight cause that's one step closer to it not existing. The best thing about the internet is, for a thing that's so seemingly everything, it's also hella nothing. The computer is a clumsy ape stumbling on towards pure raw energy. Technology is a midway point between physicality and pure consciousness. It's unnecessary, in fact it's barely there: metal? Plastic? Glass? Pedestrian rubbish borne of a restless imagination. Pure consciousness is as old as time and vice versa, it can be accessed by closing ur eyes and breathing, abandoning ego, desire, any pretensions of intellect. The physical husks of the soul are a dime a dozen they crumble away in the ever entropic exhalation of the universe. Gemini is not a big cocaine sign by any means but this month on the full moon, sniff a line of cocaine, have some red wine and listen to Duke Ellington, these are illusory delights, like everything else, enjoy the moments tho.


Death is nothing, just another word. Transcend language, transcend death, transcend existence itself. The question is not "To Be Or Not To Be" Because To Be is Not To Be and Not To Be is To Be. All Language is Koan. Music is the realest language. Play some piano, play some violin. Try to make a violin sound as beautiful as a violin can sound. Play some viola with a similar end game. Play a Cecil Taylor song on the piano. Noise is the oldest most beautiful music. Imagine total silence, it must be deafening. The blind can see, maybe even better than u or me, they already know everything is everything. Visualize what u can't see, furl meh? U think Stevie Wonder is really blind? I heard he was faking it. Either way the man can play a mean piano, very beautiful music. One of the greatest to ever do it.


Turn ur home into an art gallery. Vandalize 100 cop cars, take photos and show them in ur gallery. Hand out copies of Das Kapital at the mall. Recite Lorca to telemarketers. Snatch a fake rapper's chain. Plant daisies in front of ur local library. Take a long walk down a street named after a tree or flower.


Play chess with a Taurus. Netflix and chill with a Sagittarius. Listen to a lot of the No Limit catalogue. Drop some molly and set off some fireworks. Front me 2 p's of Diesel. Drop ur mixtape already, damn.

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